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[For a long time, the Battle Dome had never truly caught Yuan's interest. That is, until a few weeks ago, when Luke Skywalker had used it to create a flight simulation for crafts from his own world. That's when Yuan had realized just how much potential the Battle Dome truly has.

Choosing an environment had been tricky. While he'd been determined to recreate something from his own world, most locations left a bitter taste in his mouth. The holy ground of Kharlan, the forest of the elves, the Asgard region... There wasn't much land that wouldn't make him restless just from seeing it, let alone walking across it. What he needed was something that would calm him and finally, he'd settled on the floating city of Exire, haven for all those with elven blood. Exire as it'd been back in its prime, the houses in an untarnished state and welcoming, with colorful gardens out front. The time when the paved roads were not yet covered with moss and Maxwell's altar was adorned with offerings.

It was one of the few feats the Kharlan Heroes accomplished that he was actually still proud of, even with the way the city had decayed over time.

With no villagers programmed into the setting, the city is peaceful. The only sound to be heard is the wind rustling through the treetops as the interlinked islands travel over endless ocean. Yuan hadn't bothered to lock the simulation- he doesn't see why he should. If someone were to venture inside, they'll find him in the village square, tinkering with a Rheaird. It was recreated in perfect detail from the blueprints he'd drawn from memory a few years ago and updated whenever he'd requested a Rheaird during drafts. He doesn't need the Rheaird for flying purposes, he just wanted something to keep himself busy with. To take something apart that's magitechnology, not the electronics that can be found in Luceti's shops. Noishe, the large white and green Arshis, is dashing cheerfully between the islands. Yuan had figured that he shouldn't be the only one to enjoy the familiar sights and while the Battle Dome had intimidated Noishe at first, that anxiety had changed to excitement the moment the simulation started.

After so many years, there's little point in denying the fact that Yuan's homesick. Or rather, sick of Luceti, but there's hardly a difference between the two.]
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[Today began just like any other day for Yuan. It wasn't until he stumbled upon the Malnosso's little 'reminder' that he realized just what today was.

Five years. Exactly five calendar years ago is the day he first arrived here. So much had happened over these past years and he's seen many residents come and go, but here he is. It's not an achievement worth celebrating, that much is for sure, though the Malnosso evidently had other plans. Indeed, much like Albert did a few months ago, Yuan received a gift.

Further details )

[Starting early in the afternoon, Yuan can be found moving between house #8 and the general store to fetch assorted items. A few sturdy wooden rods, tools, a small box, a tub of sand... It takes a few trips back and forth to move it all. Once he's got everything he needs, he stops by the flower shop to see if they have any small trees or tree-like flora. It's the leaves that matter.

In the evening, after dinner, he stops by the stables to visit Noishe. As he always does when he visits the Arshis, he takes a seat in a corner of the stable so he can lean back against the wall. Somehow, even relaxing has a tiring effect on him. Thinking back to the days when he first arrived in Luceti, he has to admit the Malnosso have a point. He has been growing lethargic.]
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[When Yuan awakens, it's in a state of complete grogginess and disorientation. It takes him a few minutes to get his thoughts together enough to realize that he's lying face-down on cold, hard ground. And that lying on the ground is generally considered a bad thing. As he moves to sit up, willing his head to stop spinning, he comes to another realization. A soft breeze is prickling at his bare skin. He's outside, in the forest, and he's not wearing a shirt. Just those standard New Feather pants and shoes. His hair's not tied back either.


He moves himself into a sitting position to get his memories in order. He'd been drafted. There was some sort of illness going around and he'd caught it. He'd asked Raine for help, but it hadn't done much good. The symptoms returned. And then... Then nothing. Going by his current situation, it isn't too hard to guess what had happened, but... What is he missing? Aside from nausea, his entire body is working just fine. All his senses are intact. Lightning magic crackles between his fingers when he tries to summon it. Luminous wings flicker on his back for a few seconds, before he allows them to disappear again.

Is it memories? Or had he not died at all?

The sun's position tells him it's some time in the afternoon. A glimpse through his journal tells him he'd been gone for over a week and missed a few things. He pauses at an entry that was put up by Sheena a few days ago. Sayo... That's right, Kratos told him about that just before they entered the battlefield. He snaps the journal shut, shakes pooling locks of blue hair back and gets to his feet, starting the trek back home. As he goes, he crosses his arms over his chest. Would it have killed the Malnosso to provide him with a shirt? By the looks of things, he ended up south east of the village, which means he has to cross the whole thing to get to his home.

Anyone's free to run into him, but beware, he's in a terrible mood.]

[Written | Filtered to Raine, Sheena and Zelos]

[When he does finally reach house #8 and opens the door, the first thing he notices is a foul smell. It isn't strong, but his enhanced senses catch it immediately. It's coming from the kitchen and the source can be located with ease. The refrigerator. They hadn't cleared it out before leaving for the draft. If it still hasn't been done a week after the draft's conclusion, that means Kratos hasn't been by the house either.

Ignoring the stench, he sits down at the dinner table and flips his journal open to write a message to Raine and Sheena. Zelos is added as an afterthought, if only because Tethe'alla's Chosen had been drafted as well.]

Have you seen Kratos this past week?
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[Yuan had headed to the general item store early in the morning, with the intent to search for new gadgets and appliances. Over the past year, he's taken quite a liking to tinkering with otherworldly technology, especially the electrical kind. He doesn't do anything too grand with it- he just finds it oddly therapeutical to take things apart and then put them back together, drawing blueprints of them as he goes. His trip was rewarded when his eyes fell on this little beauty, complete with batteries and a special adapter that could plug it into electrical outlets. Yuan's not entirely sure why you'd need two different power sources, but that's just another thing to examine when he takes it apart. There's just one problem.

Curiosity got the better of him and he decided to try it out in the store, to see what exactly this thing does. He found a cartridge with the word "Tetris" on it, which fitted perfectly into the slot on the back. One thing led to another, and five minutes later he found himself completely absorbed in the game.

How much time has passed since he started playing? He doesn't even know. He does know he decided to take a seat on the ground at some point, to make himself more comfortable. He also knows he needs to beat this level.]

Left... Left... Now turn! Good, now I just need- No! There is no place for a square! Damn, damn, damn!

[Yes, there is a grown man playing Tetris in a corner of the item store, now completely blind to his surroundings.]
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[It's Thursday evening and the sun is slowly beginning to set. As dusk falls, Luceti residents who are near the south east edge of the village may notice a peculiar shimmering in the bushes. Like dancing sparkles, if you will. They may easily be mistaken for fireflies, but that is far from the truth.

Yuan has returned from his (silent) kidnapping and mana is literally evaporating from his body. Bright sparkles are rising up from his skin, before fading into the night air. Not to mention the peculiar smell coming from him. Evaporating mana emits a rather unique aroma that's neither pleasant nor unpleasant. The best way to decribe it would be... 'odd'. It's both a curious situation and an extremely embarrassing one, which is why he makes sure to stick to the forest's edge as he slowly makes his way home. He'd reach house 8 a lot faster if he crossed through the village itself, but he'd rather take a detour than make himself the center of attention.

All the way around the northern edge of the village he goes, but the closer he gets to house 8, the more exhausted he feels. Losing mana is like losing life and the more he pushes himself, the greater the fight to stay conscious. He'll get there eventually! Anyone is free to spot the peculiar sparkling man along the way.]

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[With all these newcomers about, Yuan simply isn't comfortable staying at home. Against all better judgment, he ventures out into the village to have a look. Catch him anywhere, any time!

Later, he'll return to house #8 to find it ravaged, after Kratos had a little 'argument' with Lord Kvar. Wonderfully foreboding. What other surprises may lie in wait here?]
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[Private / locked] )


[And just as Yuan finishes locking up the filter, something distracts him, causing him to activate the recording function without realizing it. It's a soft but rapid tapping sound.]

Oh, Selene. [Footsteps, and a window opening.] It's snowing again, hm? ... Come in, then.

[The window is shut again and the journal catches a glimpse of Yuan walking past, holding something small, grey and fluffy in his hand. He's on the other side of the room now, but his voice can still be heard if you listen closely.] I doubt the cold will let up any time soon. It'd be best if you continue to sleep here until winter ends. ... No, I won't mind at all.

[He returns a moment later to find that the journal is recording him and shuts it with an annoyed grunt.]


[Four years. Four years of being stuck in Luceti. He remembers being astounded for his first anniversary, but four years is something he never expected to happen. Compared to the long life he's already lived, four years might seem like nothing- just a small fraction. Yet Luceti's always been so hectic, so full of painful and awkward experiences that those four years seem like an eternity in itself.

Martel is in Luceti. Yuan still hasn't spoken to her since she left the house to meet with Mithos. Not properly, anyway. He knows she's all right, because she sent him the occasional message on the journal system, but nothing concrete. He never got around to telling her anything about Cruxis, the Church of Martel, the Desians, the Renegades... All the mistakes they've made after her death. ... He couldn't even tell her that she'd died. But how much had Mithos told her by now? How far would he have twisted the truth? He must've told her who's responsible for his death penalty. There is no excuse for this, Yuan knows that, but he still feels the need to explain himself to Martel.

It's leaving him very restless and the fact that Lloyd is still staying in the house isn't exactly helping that. Despite the cold, he's been venturing out into the forest every day to train- 'Train' being a very generous word for it, because most of the time is being spent just sitting and thinking in peace.

Feel free to catch him either by house 8 or in the forest itself.]
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[It's been three weeks now. Three weeks since Mithos died. Yuan should know, he's the one who killed him. Now everything is quiet- too quiet. Revivals don't usually take this long, which means Mithos could very well be hiding out somewhere. Finally, he decides to put this to the test and makes an attempt to contact him.]

[Filtered to Mithos / Unhackable] )

[This was an absolute bluff. For all Yuan knows, the Malnosso have decided to keep Mithos for additional experimenting. Still, if that's so, then he won't even see this entry and no harm will be done.]


[Shortly after this, from early in the afternoon on, Yuan can be found sitting on the roof of house #8. He'd been patrolling the village perimeter every so often for the past week, but today he'd rather stick close to home. The roof is a good place to keep an eye on his surroundings and it's relatively quiet.

After an hour or so, he lies back to stare up at the passing clouds. To think, Presea and Zelos were sent home recently, only to be replaced by Lloyd of all people. Luceti never ceases to catch Yuan off-guard, even after this many years.

Anyone is free to spot him and tell him to get down from the roof! Or join him up there. Whichever.]
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[It's been two days since Yuan was returned from his most recent kidnapping and did something very stupid. His memories are still as faulty as the moment when he returned, though he has been filled in on the basic situation by now. The real situation, and not some garbled version his mind might concoct at the moment.

Thanks to this state, he's allowed himself to be tricked by some evil little madman and hurt an innocent person. Not to mention that ridiculous assumption he jumped to when he saw Sheena. What if something like that happens again? Raine advised him to stay in the clinic until the kidnap effect wears off, but he's far too restless for that. Magical amnesia or not, Yuan will be Yuan.

Now he's sitting outside the plaza clinic, watching people as they pass and keeping an eye out for a familiar face- any familiar face. He keeps wondering what else he's forgotten and while stray memories surface from time to time, some of them are actually from experiments. He just can't tell what's real and it's pissing him off.]
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[Filtered to Martel / unhackable] )


[This afternoon, Yuan can be spotted walking around the village perimeter. To the stores, then the library and finally he'll take a break near the fountain, watching people as they pass by. By then, he's gathered up a bag filled with assorted foods and a few books and he's flipping idly through his journal. It may seem like he doesn't have a particular reason for sitting out there, but that's exactly what he wants people to think.

Once he's sure nobody's around to see him, he'll slip into the tunnels. There's a certain someone down there he needs to check up on.]
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[Filtered to Martel / unhackable] )


[It's been about four months since Kratos disappeared from the enclosure. So much has happened in that time that Yuan's finally coming to terms with something; there's a good chance he'll never truly see the man again. Unless he's returned here in the future, like some others, but Yuan's not holding his breath for that. They'd already said their farewells before coming to Luceti, but back then, there was still a line of communication in case Yuan desperately needed to speak with him. Now there's no way to contact his old friend and he didn't even get to say any parting words this time. A shame, because he could really use some of that trademark Kratos advice right about now.

To make matters worse, some prankster decided to have a bit of fun with Yuan's hair. It used to reach all the way to his waist, but a considerable amount of it was cut off. It can still fit in a ponytail, but now it barely reaches his shoulderblades. Yuan assumes it's Mithos's doing. Considering his track record, it seems like the kind of thing he'd do. Yuan just can't be bothered to yell at him anymore. He'll just have to increase the amount of locks on his door and hope nobody will comment on the sudden change.

Feeling especially restless, he's decided to go see Noishe this afternoon. Perhaps it's because Noishe was Kratos's pet, or perhaps he just has a soft spot for the creature after all. Yuan doesn't even know himself, but it doesn't really matter. Anyone is free to catch him either while he's on his way to the stables between house 42 and Community Building 7, or while he's in the stables.]
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[Yuan's returned from the draft, only to find his house in shambles. Sliced armchairs, lacerations in the wall, upturned furniture, broken floors thanks to Ground Dasher magic... And of course his curtains have been torn. The damn curtains always get damaged. The room he just finished redecorating is a lost cause. Hopefully, the Malnosso will fix the brunt of the damage.

It's not hard to tell who caused this mayhem. The sword Yuan confiscated from Mithos a few months ago is gone, and besides, no one else would be stupid enough to break into his house. His hands shaking with anger, he hastily throws up a filter. Not a perfect one, but at this point he doesn't care if someone actually bothers to hack it.]

[Filtered to Mithos // 80% unhackable] )


[And shortly after this, he discovers that one of his most important possessions is gone. The jewelry box is still in his room, lying on the floor underneath a window, but the contents are gone. That's why anyone passing by house #8 will see Yuan kneeling on the ground outside, searching frantically through what's left of the snow. Very frantically. The chances that Mithos actually tossed his precious rings out the window are very slim, but he has to try.]

Damn it all! Where are they?!
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[Ever since his housemates left, Yuan's found his home to become more and more unbearable. He's considered moving into an apartment more than once, but this place holds too many memories for him. He's lived here for almost three years now- in fact, it was Martel who dragged him here from a community building back then. There's just no way he can leave.

So in order to keep himself busy, Yuan's decided to refurbish his house. Or, rather, he's starting with Zoisite's old room for now and see how far he'll get with that. Perhaps he can turn it into a study. Anything that doesn't say "Zoisite's old room".

That's why he can be seen striding through the village, carrying a few paint cans and other such supplies. What paint color, you ask? It's purple. Yuan's taste is... interesting. He's going through extremes to avoid Mithos, but other than that, any resident is free to run into him.]

- 80

Dec. 18th, 2010 06:47 pm
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[Yuan is sick of hearing about New Feathers. He's sick of seeing people without wings. The chaos reigning in the village is something he really doesn't need right now. Honestly, he stopped listening to his journal after only an hour of this and he can't imagine things have died down by now.

Still, he's going to have to brave the "New Feather flood" eventually. His cupboards and refrigerator need restocking. When he finally heads out to the store in the afternoon, he does so extremely reluctantly. That's bound to show, as he's trying his best to avoid people.]
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[Now that the experiment is over and he's back to his usual self, Yuan's noticed quite a few things that are off today. Missing a week's worth of memories isn't helping. Well, first things first...]

[Filtered to Mithos] )

[He isn't certain how much of a need there is for this; the person Zoisite associated with the most was sent home quite some time ago. Other than that, his housemate was about as social as Yuan himself. Still, he's obligated to do this, just in case.]

To those of you who knew him, Zoisite's been sent home.
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[This morning, Yuan awoke to find that the body swap with Mithos had been undone. In fact, the body swap with Mithos is the last thing he remembers of Luceti before over two years' worth of memories from home follow it up. It seems like he must've been home, even if this recent experiment is to blame. Similarly to when he was an old man, he's been aged up slightly and now knows all about what happens to Sylvarant and Tethe'alla shortly after the unification of the worlds. While he was there, he had no idea he was ever in Luceti, but now that he's 'back'...

A quick check of the calendar and flipping through recent journal entries verifies just how much he missed. It wasn't much at all. Time really does have no meaning in this wretched place.]

November in the fourth cycle year... Figures. He must still be here also. I should seek out Kratos soon.

[Rustling of pages. A short silence, then a sigh.]

And I see the journals are still as eager as ever to broadcast personal thoughts.

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[Filtered to Kratos] )

[After the appearance of one of his 'old friends', Yuan has become extra cautious. He knows he can't avoid Mithos forever, but he sure as hell can try. At least until he's had a chance to discuss the matter with Kratos. That's why, as he makes his way through the village early in the morning, he may seem even more on edge than usual. Eyes shifting around suspiciously, occasionally throwing a glance over his shoulder, you know the drill.

Feel free to stop him anyway! He's headed for Kratos' house, but he'll stop by Raine's place while he's at it. This is partly to get her opinion on the situation and partly to see how she's doing.]
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[It's early in the morning on the 9th of October and Yuan is feeling restless. Who can blame him, really? Knowing you're about to be kidnapped by Malnosso droids doesn't make it any more fun. He's gotten his barcode upgrade, so there's not much else he can do to prepare. There's no telling when the droids will appear and there's not much point in sitting around all day waiting for them to show. Which is why he's decided to go about his business as usual.

Easier said than done. Up until noon, anyone is free to catch Yuan wandering around the village. He doesn't actually have a destination in mind; He's walking for the sake of walking. Eventually, he'll go inside the house and await his fate there. Really though, this is like waiting for your own surprise party.]

- 75

Sep. 14th, 2010 05:28 pm
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[It's been four days since this incident took place, and now Yuan's finally fully regaining consciousness. The first thing he notices is a pounding headache. Roughly ten seconds later, he realizes his surroundings aren't quite what he expected to see. He's lying virtually face-down in a bed in the clinic. Peculiar, because last he remembers, he'd left the village and headed for the mountains. Raine had come to see him, but his recollection turns a bit fuzzy after that. The white wolf was there as well. And there was a searing pain... Like his entire body had cried out in protest.

He sits up straight with some difficulty, taking deep breaths to steady himself. His hands... They're just as they always were. A quick inspection tells him there's no sign of the black rash anywhere. Aku's presence is gone, leaving him to feel drained and somewhat sore. Some time passes in which he regains his senses and tries to sort out most of his memories. Dammit, what had he been doing?

Finally, he grabs his journal from the nightstand, wondering briefly who'd left it here for him to find. Probably the same person who dragged him to the clinic in the first place.]


[Filtered to (Samurai) Jack and Kratos] )

[Filtered to Raine] )

[With that done, he lies back to rest. He really does hate the clinic, but right now he's in no state to leave. Visitors will be received grudgingly but without protest.]

- 74

Aug. 31st, 2010 11:46 pm
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[Accidental voice]

[The recording starts with a smashing sound, as the journal takes a nice snapshot of the ceiling and part of the underside of a kitchen table. Yuan's voice can clearly be heard nearby. He sounds rather disturbed.]

W-What the hell is this?!


[A short while later, Yuan can be seen striding through the village with great haste. Every so often, he stops to cough mildly, before continuing on his way. His hands are buried deeply into his pockets and his gaze is stubbornly locked on the ground before him.

He's headed straight for Raine's house. Feel free to run into him before he gets there.]

Edit: [And after paying a visit to Raine's house, he'll head for Kratos' place. He's a busy man today.]


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