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Yuan ([personal profile] fortunefail) wrote2020-08-18 02:02 am
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OOC - House #8 layout

- Layout for Kratos's room to be added.

- Wall colors of 'public' rooms (kitchen, etc.) are beige or white. Bedrooms and studies are either light purple or baby blue.
- Curtains are a pale lavender or a pale green. The living room carpet is lavender with a gold trim.
- Yuan's room has become incredibly messy. There's a lot of parts that he took from kitchen appliances lying around, as well as half-finished 'inventions' that he received from Rita Mordio. Some of the mechanical parts are scattered across the study as well. There is a small nest on top of Yuan's wardrobe where Selene the owl occasionally sleeps (usually during cold winter days).
- The guestroom now has a perch, a litterbox and a small plant to feed on for Yuan's small sloth, which is called Rem.